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Rawkstar's Crew Christmas Tales

Dernière mise à jour : 18 déc. 2021

November 16th, 2020, final preparation before our noble journey. This day, Rawkstar & I made our way to America. Crossing the Canada/USA border via land. A quantum jump that still resonates at the core of my eternal bones..

We are now both on the other side of the border riding in the United States.. The knowingness is deeply anchored in me despite the odds ramping gradually against us... Odds that I am still determined to delete away for eternity.. We were heading south to breath the Sea breeze for Rawkstar's healing protocol I instituted.. Rawkstar had a heart condition related to a bucal situation which I could not resolve in the Canadian territory. Time was clicking against our will.. The medical knowingness only me could see trough the fog of the veterinary capitalistic greed.. My heart as the talent to formulate responses to health issues in any shape or form.. Clearly and without cutting corners.. Life is precious and I will fight until my last breath for truth and victory.

As we were riding south, Rawkstar's health condition was deteriorating rapidly.. I was her caretaker, driver, father, brother, lover, soulmate, eternal protector... I never gave into hopelessness or despair.. These emotions were immediately discarded away.. Our space was small but sacred. This journey was unique and precious.

Mexico was my objective. With the Covidiouscy growing boulder and stronger, I felt compelled to ground my team in a more free region.. Traveling day and night.. putting aside adequete sleep cycles to heal my sweet angel.. What else was left.. I had nothing else to fight for.. She was and still is my RAWK..

When crossing the Texas state, Rawkstar's health was critical.. I had to make a stop.. We had to stop.. So close to Mexico we were..

I decided to make a run to Port Aransas TX.. Where Rawkstar could rest next to the ocean..

To be continued ...

Love.. Light.. Legendary consideration xx

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